Knicks New Championship Attitude

Yes the Knicks the team you love to hate are not the Bad News Bears of the League anymore. All they have to do to win a Championship is play to WIN one game at a time. The pressure has been lifted from Melo and Amare just has to play better than last year. You say I’m crazy but I say I’m a motivational genius. I think I might even tell you why…… And you might even become Knick crazy yourself.

The best kept known secret is that the Knicks are not the best team in paper anymore. They are now over shadowed by the LA Lakers aka the choke show. That alone takes so much pressure off the Knicks that all it will take is one WIN at a time. You can put the pressure on the Heat, Thunder, Clippers, even the Spurs but right now everybody except NY media and their Fans don’t have many expectations for the NY Knicks. I mean ask yourself this question, self would you bet on the Knicks to go all the way. If your honest with yourself you would not bet the house.

Well so far this is a very negative piece u might say, but take it as you will it is the truth. So as a motivator where do you go from here? Easy you give them the speech that Gene Hackman gave his Hoosiers at the end of the film and show the world that you can WIN one game at a time.

Melo has to understand while this might be ” his team ” he cannot win it alone. He has to understand that if they are going to win the whole thing He will need Amare, Chandler, Felton, Novak, Smith and whoever he is with at the end of the game to help him score baskets. If he does this he will be that more efficient and twenty times more dangerous!

Amare has to quit fighting himself and just play ball! He plays with to much emotion and was thinking to much last year. He is at his best when he lets the game come naturally and tries to become a silent motivator. He also needs to call people out no matter who they are. It worked for the Knicks pre-melo and will work now too. I think his work ethic is great and he needs to teach that to Melo.

Mike Woodson will understand these simple things by the end of the season and you will see this team flourish. He has many chess pieces and he is a Master at placing the right pieces,in the right places, at the right time. If he can get the whole team to play team defense and play hard day in day out from the beginning of the game until the end, best believe their defense will produce points. He has an idea of what he wants to do with the team but I think we all him included, have no idea what the whole team will look like at the end of the year. There are just too many options and too many ways to play this team and he will succeed at finding and maximizing this team according to the matchup that night. I mean that is what he does best, besides teach defense that is.

Last but not least is that the Knicks are deep in almost every position. They have too many ways to beat you. So if you ask me the New York Knicks will be unstoppable if they learn to play one WIN at a time and play hard all game. They have the tools and players to build a beautiful championship team that will last for years to come. if you don’t believe that then you are as crazy as you thought I was at the beginning of this article. Don’t worry though I will still be here blogging away saying I told you at the end of the 2014 season!!!!! So if you ask me their new championship attitude should start and end with WIN one game at a time!!!

How deep are the Knicks? (part 1 Starting PG)

The Knicks are deep enough to take any team and any scheme in my opinion. Those are mighty big words you say but I will try to convince you by the end of this article.

In this article I will be matching the Knickerbockers to two of the best teams on paper this up and coming 2012 season. You ask who might this be and probably have an idea but I like writing articles artistically that are suspenseful. Drum roll please….,, yes the nemesis that is the Heat and the new and improved Lake Show LA Lakers.

First let’s look at the reigning champs starting Point Guard.

Miami Heat Starting Point Guard:

Starting Point Guard Mario Chalmers, has a lot of tools and is a decent three point shooter that can not be left wide open. The amazing thing about Chalmers position is that his responsibilities as a point guard and Main distribution responsibility are dwarfed by Lebron’s amazing passing ability and being the focal point of the Heats offense. On the defensive end he is a above average defender who plays within the Heats defensive system. As a point guard I give him a

72 with a potential 76 average

For the Knickerbocker’s we have Raymond Felton

Raymond Felton in my opinion is a good Point guard with a lot of question marks. This man, used in the right capacity can shine like a diamond and cut to the basket like one too. Unlike Jeremy Lin he has really good dribble with either hand, can pass like no other and knows the Point Guard position really well. He is a career better three point shooter than Lin so the Knickerbockers defiantly have a potential upgrade. The only problem with Felton this past season and a half is that he has not been stable. Since the beginning of his career until then he had been the main Point Guard on his teams. Knick fans forgot that at one point in his stint with the Knicks he was rivaling Nash for Assists per game while posting great numbers in the points and theft department. The problem with Felton this past season and a half was that he was thrust into a situation that he was not guaranteed a spot as a starter and sent to teams he really didn’t want to play for. I think we have seen the end of that psychological problem on his new team the New York Knicks. He has a three year contract and the ability to rock the nation. In my opinion he will have a career year. Felton’s current grade would be:

A 74 with the potential 86 just because he can do everything he can be asked to do on this team.

Last but not least is the ageless Steve Nash. Nash has been able to defy father time once again. You ask why do I say once again and the response is simple, he plays for the now stacked LA Lakers.

He probably will be able to stay healthy since he will not be the focal point of the offense and will not have to play extreme minutes every game in a long 82 game season. Another point is on blowouts he most likely will be riding the pine at the end of the game. The last point is he will have plenty of rest between games and practices since its a long season not a short condensed season like last year.

Now while on the offensive end he is a genius and has plenty of help he has gotten a step slower which will make it harder for his stars to get in their sets and make it easier for the Knickerbockers’ to get in their defensive sets. With Felton slowing him down and playing up on him on defense I believe the Knicks have the upper hand. While you can call Nash an elite Point Guard, he will not stay that way until the end of the playoffs. He will come out strong out the gate but will be as strong in the tail end of the season and during the playoffs. His grade starts of good but by the end of the season it will dissipate.

Start of the season it will be 80 by the end of the season 73.

In retrospect I believe the Knicks definitely have the the upper hand vs the Heat all season even the playoffs in the starting Point Guard position.

Against the Lake Show I believe they have the upper hand in the playoffs because Felton will be in better shape and he will know his teammates that much better but during the regular season I will have to give a slight nod to the Lakers because he will be more of a focal point in the Princeton offense than in the playoffs. Check in tomorrow when we take a look at the the starting shooting Guard position for these three teams.

Welcome to all Knicks all the time!

Hey everyone.

Welcome to the Knicks Domain. I hope to make this a blog where true Knicks fans can come in peace, have fun, and express their opinion. I truly want to create an environment were watching and reading real fan opinions about today’s most gripping Knicks news fun and useful!!!

I’m really excited about this new season and I have been blogging for a while and I just want to make this blogging experience exactly how every news and sports blog should be in my eyes. It must be truthful, fact finding, and have a good sportsmanship feel. So let’s have fun and get at it!!!!